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Group of companies WATER.RU


Group of companies WATER.RUis one of the leading companies in the Russian water purification market. The engineering center was created under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences by the group of companies which has been specialized in the field of water treatment since 1995.

Over ten years WATER.RU has developed, manufactured, installed and introduced into service more than 300 industrial and public water treatment plants, as well as thousands of individual water purification plants on the territory of the Russian Federation and in several foreign countries. Among our clients we have municipal units, largest enterprises, governmental institutions, rest homes, hotels, public catering establishments, hospitals, etc.

WATER.RUwhich has combined academic knowledge and hands-on experience of several companies is rightfully dominating the Russian market of water treatment equipment and technologies. The group includes several specialized organizations performing full range of activities related to water treatment:

  • production and installation;
  • start-up and commissioning;
  • providing warranty service.

We use only well-known and easy-to-test process solutions, following the highest domestic and foreign developments. The key of success lies in traditions, experience and knowledge of the Russian engineering school coupled with the use of equipment from the world leading manufacturers.

We bear the entire responsibility for the end result and we set a very high value to the formed image of an efficient and professional organization.

Group of companies WATER.RU has been granted with license by the Gosstroy of Russia. We have all relevant certificates for the equipment and materials as well.

WATER.RUoffers its assistance in handling any problems in the field of industrial and residential water treatment.

Furthermore we are always ready to cooperate with those producers of water treatment equipment, who intent to distribute their products in Russia.

Water.ru has acquired huge expertise in promoting water treatment technologies over the Russian market.

Completed projects

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Karier st., 28, 117449, Moscow, Russia, Group of companies WATER.RU
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